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If you want to feed your competitive spirit with a bunch of great Texas lady golfers, please see below form and submit with membership dues.

Members now have the option to use Venmo or mail in their membership. If you have any contact information change to your membership, I.e. address, ghin #, phone number, email and or home course, please email April at or @stxlaga or STXLAGA Treasurer last 4 digits of phone is 9257

If you are a new member, please print the membership form at under Membership and mail to April. Any questions please contact April Staffa at (832) 248-9623.

South Texas Ladies Amateur Golf Association (STXLAGA)

Annual Membership Application



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Ghin#:                                     Handicap Index:                      (max limit 15.0)     


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**only required if Ghin# is not available

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Membership Fee is $25. Hole in One Fee is $5, this is optional. Make checks payable to STXLAGA and Mail to April Staffa, 2405 Andrews Ct., LaPorte, TX 77571. Contact April at (832) 248-9623.

Play-day dates and sites under Calendar of Events page will be updated soon. STXLAGA Membership Fee must be received and handicap verified before participation in a STXLAGA Play-day. Any questions, contact us at