Standing Rules


Amended 8/2014

STXLAGA Members will receive an email from EVITE for signup for the next play-day. It will state the yardage that STXLAGA will play the course, approximate starting times, game of the day, Play-Day Coordinators name and phone number, golf pro-shop number and directions to that course.

Deadline for play-day sign up is at noon, 3 days before the play-day, on Evite. If you need to cancel, contact the play-day Coordinator of that club. DO NOT CANCEL on EVITE. Space will be limited at some Play-day sites, a blind draw and a waiting list will be determined after the sign up deadline. Late sign-ups will be accepted on a space available basis. Exceptions are noted on Evite.

Any member scheduled to play on a play-day who does not cancel with the Play-day Coordinator by noon the day before will be required to pay the agreed fee to STXLAGA, unless the Board elects to waive the fee.   The member will not be eligible to participate in a STXLAGA event until she is in good standing. The club will be reimbursed by STXLAGA. The Board of Directors feels this is a “good faith” effort on our part for the club allowing us to play their course.

An email with tee times will be sent out 1-2 days before the play-day. You may also call the Play-day Coordinator for your tee time or if any problem arises

Each player will be required to ride in a cart and pay the agreed rate. Each player will also be required to pay $5 for the GAME of the day.

Each player shall observe proper golf etiquette at all times.   Any abuse or disrespect of fellow competitors or host facility shall be grounds for disqualification from the event, and possible rejection of entry for future STXLAGA events.

A Hole-in-One must be made during a STXLAGA Play-day in order to be eligible for the STXLAGA Hole-in-One Fund. All Hole-in-Ones during a calendar year will split the Hole-in-One monies and will receive at the end of that year. If no STXLAGA Hole-in-Ones are made in a STXLAGA Play-day during the calendar year, the Hole-in-One monies will go into the general STXLAGA fund.

In case of inclement weather, each member shall call the golf pro-shop to determine if the course is open for play.

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