2019 South Team wins back Challenge Cup

The South Team won 5 of the 8 matches on day one, gaining a 12 point lead going into the second round of 4-Ball Matches. Holding on to the lead in tough weather conditions, winning with 144 1/2 points over the North’s 143 1/2 points.

The South Team was lead by Karen Northcutt/Aaron Seafous 12 1/2 points and Julie Robichaux/Lynda Kay 12 points on first day of Matches. Second day point leaders for the South Team were Jennifer Hoyt/Karen Northcutt 11 1/2 and Julia Roth/April Staffa with 10 1/2 points.

South Team Members: Shawna Alexander, Marlene Summers, Meg Christensen, Claudia Rameriz, Julie Robichaux, Lynda Kay, Jennifer Hoyt, Alice Randall, Cindy Gilkeson, Caitlyn Cassity, Aaron Seafous, Karen Northcutt, Sherry Miller, April Staffa, Julia Roth and Donna Brady.

The tournament is played each spring at Crown Colony in Lufkin, Texas. The Challenge Cup series, South leads 2-1